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2010 GOP Sweep: What Does It Mean for Small Business?

With a Republican gain of some 65 seats in the House, you may be wondering how this ‘sweeping’ change in the political landscape will affect you in the coming days. You may have seen rumors that the stock market will jump up in response. It may, but as we all know the NYSE is about ...

Health Care Reform Resources for Small Business Owners

03.23.2010 · Posted in Business Issues, Health Care

When you’re running a small business, it’s easy to get caught up in the day to day and ignore the national news that’s going on around you.  Generally that’s okay, it’s mostly BS anyway, right?  But Congress just passed a health care reform bill that has serious consequences to you as a small business owner. ...

The Census and Race – Have We Outgrown Old Targeting Techniques?

03.17.2010 · Posted in Advertising, Current Events, Targeting

The book Applebee’s America talks about a new type of targeting for the purpose of marketing.  This type of marketing focuses on the things that really matter to a person – your friends, family, interests, and your core values and beliefs.  Traditional targeting looks at arbitrary things like race, religion, income, and age.  Applebee’s America ...