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Featured Small Business – Bats! meow

To kick off my new ‘Featured Small Business’ series, I’m starting with a family owned small business run out of quaint Midwestern town, Anderson, Indiana.  Aside from one little detail, Eric and Sheila Schroeder are your average, run-of-the-mill, hard working Hoosiers, designing and developing a high-quality product that caters to a very specific target market ...

How to Write Good Ads for Your Small Business

03.21.2010 · Posted in Advertising, Copywriting, Offline

There is no secret to writing good ads.  There are basic principles.  And I didn’t invent them.  George Orwell did (or at least he described them best so far). In 1946 George Orwell wrote “Politics and the English Language” where he explained how academics were (they still do) butchering the English language – writing truly ...

How To Profit From A Local Blog

03.08.2010 · Posted in Blogging

If you follow me on Facebook, you might have seen Laura’s question about turning a profit from a blog that already has a great following and lots of good content.  Here’s my answer. Laura’s Question: I receive over 7000 unique visits to my website. I am ranked high on Google #1 for many terms. Now ...