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How to Make A Marketing Calendar

02.04.2011 · Posted in How Tos, Marketing, Small Business Tools

What is a marketing calendar? A marketing calendar is just what it sounds like: a calendar for your marketing schedule.  It’s a great way to plan out a year’s worth (or more) of marketing campaigns so that you can see at a glance every thing you plan to do and what needs to happen to ...

How to Turn Small Business Office Supplies into Advertising Tools

Every business owner needs office supplies.  Printer paper, post-it notes, paper clips, even if your office is in your basement, you probably have the basics.  Here’s a few supplies you most likely already have or can cheaply pick up on your next trip to Office Depot, and how you can transform them into marketing tools ...

Explaining Advertising Saturation

06.24.2010 · Posted in Advertising, How Tos, Marketing, Media, Targeting

Have you ever seen an ad that made you say “If I see that commercial one more time I’m going to scream!”  That’s because the brand is trying to saturate the market.  Saturation is can be a difficult concept to grasp, but for small business owners, a condensed definition is all that’s necessary in order ...