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What Is Public Relations?

What is Public Relations? Public Relations is simply the organized effort to earn media coverage organically rather than paying for it. Public Relations also encompasses activities like social networking, community outreach, and crisis response. How does it apply to small business marketing? There are several reasons why small businesses need to take Public Relations seriously. ...

Corporate Social Responsibility – Do Small Businesses Need to Care?

05.25.2010 · Posted in Community Outreach, Public Relations

Corporate Social Responsibility, or “CSR” as we call it in the PR biz, is a hot topic right now.  Have you heard of it?  Put simply, it’s the push to create in big businesses a sense of duty to the community in which they do business.  Many large companies are responding, too.  Target donates millions ...

Five Unique Ways to Promote Your Small Business through Community Outreach

03.16.2010 · Posted in Community Outreach, Public Relations

1. Advertise in local community theatre play bills. Community theatres provide a tremendous resource for a small community – especially for its young people. It provides intelligent entertainment, a positive creative outlet, and encourages a love of the arts for everyone involved. If your town doesn’t have a community theatre, try the high school Theatre ...