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Guerrilla Marketing – A Gem for Small Business Marketers

What is Guerrilla Marketing?  In plain terms, it means: Spending little or no money. Using unconventional methods to market a business. Innovating totally new ways to create awareness and excitement for a brand or product. Tailoring marketing to YOUR business and YOUR customer. Guerrilla Marketing was ‘invented’ years ago by Jay Levinson in a book ... Gets A New Look

04.19.2010 · Posted in Blogging, Design, Marketing, Website

An alternate title for this post could be ‘the irresponsible and haphazard method for choosing your website design.’  But that would be kind of long. I’ve been practically living on a super-useful blog (totally unrelated to small business, sorry, or else I’d link to it here) that uses a three-column layout and after a while ...