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Pulling Yourself Back Down to Earth

04.16.2010 · Posted in Business Solutions, Time Management

As an entrepreneur, you want to know all the latest gadgets and gizmos, the next big technological advance, so that you and your business can be on the cutting edge. But as a small business owner, the mountain of information, all the different types of phones, computers and other tools, and all the programs and ...

Adapting Your Small Business to the New Economic Environment

04.15.2010 · Posted in Business Solutions, Business Systems

You have been in business for fifty years.  Your company has weathered the Carter recession, the late ’80s recession, the ’90s bust.  Why should you change anything now?  Sure, business is slow.  But that’s somebody else’s fault.  It has nothing to do with the fact you’re still stuck using systems that belong in the ...

Telecommuters – Small Business’s Best Friend

04.13.2010 · Posted in Business Solutions, Employees

There are a million great reasons to hire staff to support you, when you really, really need them.  I’m not going to suggest NOT having full-time support in the positions you really need it.  But every small business owner should be aware of the benefits of embracing the idea of the telecommuting freelancer. What is ...