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What Are Reach and Frequency?

06.18.2010 · Posted in Advertising

What is reach?

Reach refers to the number of people that get exposed to your message for a particular advertisement.

Why is reach important to small business marketing?

A great advertisement will do you no good if no one sees it. If you’re going to pay for advertising, make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. Don’t advertise on websites or in papers with very little traffic or readers, or worse yet, the wrong traffic or readers.

What is frequency?

Frequency refers to the number of times a consumer sees your advertising message.

Why is frequency important to small business marketing?

There’s a saying that says something along the lines of ‘it takes 7 repetitions for a message to actually be remembered.’ The number changes every now and then but the principle remains the same: if you want your message remembered, repeat it over and over.

High frequency keeps your business or brand top of mind to the consumer. For messages that communicate branding information, a website or phone number, you’ll want to aim for higher frequency. That way the consumer is more likely to actually absorb and remember your contact info.

Frequency is important even within one iteration of an advertisement. If you’re writing a 30 second radio ad, for example, and you want people to visit your website for more information, try to say the name of your website three times or more (without getting annoying).

How do reach and frequency work together?

Reach and frequency come together to ensure that you talk to your target market, and that they absorb the message you’re trying to convey.

When planning your media buys, you need to determine who you want to reach and how many times you want your target audience to receive the message then find the outlets that can give you the reach and frequency you need at a price you can afford.

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