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Reorganizing Life

05.26.2010 · Posted in Family, Life, Planning, Time Management
small business time management organized life

An organized life is a happy life.

One day when I was particularly bored, I “invented” a new way of organizing my life so that I could tackle multiple  projects without letting others slip.  It worked pretty well for me, so hopefully you’ll find it useful, too.  I think I might have developed it while reading The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (affiliate link), so I’m sure I stole much of it from there.

The first thing I did was take out a pen and paper.  I think I had a Palm Pilot at the time, but I wanted something more permanent that I could refer back to.  On this paper I wrote out my various ‘titles’ for the spheres of my life.  They included “Soldier,” “Campaign Manager,” “Catholic,” “Daughter,” and a couple of other things.

Next I listed major goals that I wanted to accomplish in each area.  For example, under the Soldier category I listed “promotion” as a long-term goal.

Then for each goal I listed the steps necessary to reaching that long-term goal.  So for “promotion” one of the first steps would have been “find out how to get promoted to SGT,” and then from there I could form the next steps.

I had a separate list for each ‘category’ of my life, but I aggregated these very simple, basic steps into a to-do list that I integrated into my everyday to-do list.  That way, I was always aware of and actively working on my long-term self enhancing goals without them getting lost among the dry-cleaning pick up, grocery shopping, call mom sorts of tasks.

That’s pretty much it.  I’ve always juggled a lot of balls in my life and therefore have developed my own time management strategies.  Some people ask how I manage doing so many different things–for the most part, this is how.

As I approach a lot of changes coming up in the next couple of months, I think I’ll revisit my little life organization paper and make a few re-writes.  A lot of things are dropping off my list of categories–I’m no longer an Army Reservist, for example, and I’ll be dropping my full-time job–but some of the other categories are expanding.

I always get a kick out of any type of organizing, whether it be finances, my office furniture, house stuff, or my own life.  That might explain my obsession with office supplies…

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