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Small Business Owners Dress for Success

04.14.2010 · Posted in Image, Self Improvement

small business owners should dress for success

Have you ever heard that you should ‘dress for the job you want, instead of the job you have?  This isn’t just true in the corporate world.  It goes for you small business owners, too!

Sure, some owners that run micro-businesses out of their living rooms have the freedom to romp around in their PJs the whole work day through, but even for them I’d recommend  dressing like you’re going into a big corporate office in the morning.  Dressing for success will help you:

  • get into the right mindset to get to work
  • better your self-esteem
  • take yourself seriously so that others hopefully will, too
  • be prepared for any pop-in client visits or surprise video chat meetings, etc
  • not feel like a schlub in PJs all day

If you run a shop where you see your employees and, most importantly, your customers, this is doubly important.  Dressing as if you were going to ‘the office’ will help you:

  • illustrate to your staff and customers that you’re a ‘real’ business
  • take pride in your business and the product/service you provide
  • set a standard of professionalism that will carry over into every other aspect of your business, like customer service or office administration

When you own and operate a small business, you are the face of your company.  The message that your appearance sends says tons about you.

And I’m not just talking about your clothes, I’m talking about the whole picture.  Are you staying in shape?  This is important for SO many other reasons, but appearance is one.  How’s your hair?  Touched up those roots lately, or have you been putting that off?  While make up isn’t mandatory for women, it sure is nice to ‘feel pretty’ as it boosts self-confidence.  Make sure your nails are clean and trim and your hands aren’t too grubby.

Take some time today to review your look and see if the image you project of yourself is the image you want to project for your small business.

Jillian's Currently Reading: Guerrilla Marketing, 4th edition: Easy and Inexpensive Strategies for Making Big Profits from Your Small Business
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