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Guerrilla Marketing Book Review – Small Business Gets Technocozy

Big Business New Marketing Strategy

This is how big business approaches new marketing and communications technology!

The first chapter of Guerrilla Marketing does a nice side by side comparison of ‘traditional’ vs. ‘guerrilla’ marketing.  I wanted to pull out one very key factor that I think gives small business the upper hand, and it’s called being technocozy.  At least, that’s what Levinson calls it.

Guerrilla marketers are the first to find and use the advantages that technology gives to a business.  That’s why it’s so important to stay on top of the new and exciting gadgets and tools coming out (but not to the point of letting it consume you).

And small businesses have an edge on big corporations because they are often one or two people.  There’s no bureaucracy, no corporate red tape.  No head-in-the-sand CEO or CMO to tell you ‘no.’  I can’t tell you how many huge businesses out there are losing themselves tons of money because they are to scared to get on Twitter.  They treat “blog” like a four-letter word (well, I guess it is, but you know what I mean) and the idea of allowing their employees to be ambassadors for their brand online???  Blasphemous!

They are afraid to give their customers a forum to talk because they are scared of what they might say.  And then they are scared to let their employees respond because they are afraid of what they might say!  It’s a total mess, and it’s why I really don’t like dealing with big business.

When a marketer has a great idea for a large company, here’s what happens:

Marketer: “Hey, here’s my great idea!”

Boss: “Hm, why don’t you write up a proposal for that, at least 5 pages, according to the memo standards outlined in the communications manual, then I may or may not pass that along to the director who will most definitely not read it before either 86ing it or passing it on to a CMO who will find 116 reasons we can’t execute the proposal.”

With a small business, it goes more like this:

Marketer: “Hey, here’s my great idea!”

Small Business Owner: “Wow, that is a great idea.  Let’s do it!  What can we do to get started?”

Ah, now isn’t that better?  You have no idea how powerful the agility of small business is until you start exercising it.  So if you haven’t started already, start learning.  The library is really a great place to start – they try to keep the latest stuff on the shelves.  And of course there’s always the internet!  And it may seem silly, but I highly recommend the ‘for Dummies‘ books.  Whenever I want to know everything I can from soup to nuts on a topic I’m totally ignorant on, I get one of these handy guides and read up.

Included in my collection are Auto Repair for Dummies, Parenting for Dummies, and even the Complete Idiots Guide to Making Money on Wall Street (so I can talk to my husband and understand what he’s saying).

Jillian's Currently Reading: Guerrilla Marketing, 4th edition: Easy and Inexpensive Strategies for Making Big Profits from Your Small Business
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