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Guerrilla Marketing – A Gem for Small Business Marketers

Guerrilla Marketing for Small Business

What is Guerrilla Marketing?  In plain terms, it means:

  • Spending little or no money.
  • Using unconventional methods to market a business.
  • Innovating totally new ways to create awareness and excitement for a brand or product.
  • Tailoring marketing to YOUR business and YOUR customer.

Guerrilla Marketing was ‘invented’ years ago by Jay Levinson in a book by the same name.  Even though Levinson gets the credit for creating the philosophy, savvy entrepreneurs and small business owners have been implementing guerrilla marketing tactics for hundreds of years.

The key to guerrilla marketing for the small business owner is to tailor your marketing plan to your location, your community and your customer.  Nobody knows your product like you, and nobody knows your customer like you.

The first thing you must do before trying any marketing stunts in an effort to ‘generate buzz’ or ‘go viral,’ is to define the X factor that pulls the customer and the product together.  Don’t just assume you know what that is, either.  Go ahead and ask them.  You can do a formal survey through mail, email, or in your store, or you can just ask them when they purchase what drew them to your product/service and keep a few notes.

I wanted to do a book review of Guerrilla Marketing for the blog, but alas, I am a remarkably slow reader.  And on top of that, there’s so much information jam-packed into it, there’s no way I could do my readers justice with just one post.  So I’ve decided to break it down into a series of posts over the next several days and really explore the concepts within the book.  I’ll probably do most book reviews like that because of the slow reading thing.

If you haven’t read the book yet I really recommend that you do.  With every new chapter, you’ll brainstorm ten new ideas for marketing your own small business.  Be sure to keep a pen and paper handy for jotting them down.

I guarantee your local library has an edition and you can check it out there.  Or you can click the link above and get it at Amazon.

Jillian's Currently Reading: Guerrilla Marketing, 4th edition: Easy and Inexpensive Strategies for Making Big Profits from Your Small Business
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