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Effective Tweeting For Small Business

03.24.2010 · Posted in Social Media, Twitter

Have you started a Twitter account for your small business yet?  If not, you need to.  I know, you’re probably thinking ‘I can’t start a tweeting until I have something to say, or until I have a website up, or until I’m ready to start selling things online, etc. etc.’

You’re wrong.  And here’s why – The usefulness of Twitter comes in three parts:

  1. Listening to others in your industry, potential customers, and relevant news sources for your product/service.
  2. Learning new tactics, tools, methods for social media interacting and industry related skills.
  3. Communicating to peers, partners and potential customers.

Notice, actively communicating is last on the list.  Doesn’t it make sense that you would learn the Twitter ropes before you start tweeting for your small business?  Duh!  So stop procrastinating and start your account.

Once you are ready to start actively communicating with others, follow these tips:

  • ReTweet useful information you see others producing.
  • Share useful information you find when you’re looking for your own information.
  • If someone asks a question and you have a good answer, respond.
  • The vast majority of your Tweets should be from outside sources (not you or your brand).

These actions make you a valuable person to follow.  If you put out useful information from outside resources you’ll accomplish two things:  1) You’ll establish where you fit in the social media community and people that like the same things will identify with you, 2) You’ll prove to your followers that you’re a trustworthy source.  If you’re willing to share someone else’s ideas, someone else will be more likely to share yours.

  • Create worthwhile content through your small business’s blog, your website, or genuinely good deals on useful products/services.
  • Only Tweet pertinent information to your business audience.  If your followers are into board games, don’t try to sell them Twister.  It’s just annoying, and they will unfollow you.
  • Less is more.  That doesn’t mean you should Tweet sparingly, but don’t send out a bunch of unnecessary Tweets.  Don’t send the same message multiple times.  It’s okay to intermix personal and business Tweets – makes you more human and relatable – but do so within reason.  Your business audience might get a kick out of “My son Johnny got accepted to Harvard Medical School!” or “Baby Kayla just took her first steps!” They probably don’t want to know what you’re eating for dinner, watching on TV, or anything along the lines of “I hate my job, I think I’ll play hooky today.”

Got your own Twitter starter tips?  Post them in the comments.  The get your Tweet on.

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